Bandai Shokugan

What is Shokugan?

SHOKUGAN (SHOKU=food + GAN=toy) originally refers to INEXPENSIVE, yet HIGH QUALITY toys packaged with a piece of candy which are sold on the candy shelves in Japan. Developed by Bandai, it has over 30-year history and has been loved by all generations of toy collectors and fans. We bring the Shokugan products without candy so that fans in North America can enjoy the high value of the toys.

History of Shokugan

1950    Establishment of Bandai Co., LTD.
1981    Candy Toy Department is established and SHOKUGAN business starts.
1990s   Bandai becomes #1 manufacturer of Candy Toy market in Japan.
2013    Bluefin becomes the official North American distributor for Candy Business Department.
Dragon Ball Series
Dragon Ball Sikishi Art


Dragon Ball Series

sikishi art

Dragon Ball Sikishi Art

Shikishi ART is a collection of illustration printed shikishi paper board and the illustration has been drawn in Japanese touch painting using black ink. There is an assortment of 16 to 17 types including secret types. Secret types are decorated with gold or silver foil hot stamped style, having luxurious feelings. All illustrations are Shokugan original.

dragon ball 66 action

66 Action Dash Dragon Ball Super

Called “66 Action” because it stands 66mm tall, this series combines mobility and high-quality molding to create a fun stylized action figure. With a wide range of motion and interchangeable hand parts, you can enjoy dynamic action posting. Figure includes display stand.

dragon ball adverge

Dragon Ball Adverge

Dragon Ball Adverge is approx. 2.2-inch-tall figure with a uniquely deformed look while retaining stylish proportion. A high level of detail and realistic finish is created with various colored and clear plastic parts.

dragon ball shodo

Shodo Dragon Ball

A miniature action figure series from Dragon Ball Z is approx.. 3.75-inches-tall and includes interchangeable hand parts. High quality molding and impressive number of articulation points allow dynamic action poses to replicate scenes from the anime.

dragon ball styling

Dragon Ball Styling

Dragon Ball Styling figure series features high quality color molded figures, which captures true essence of the character and scene depictions of Akira Toriyama’s anime. The delicate “Styling (molding)” is enjoyable at any angle and personifies the series concept of feeling the “WIND” that blows in the anime.

Mobile Suit Gundam Series

gundam converge

Gundam Converge

Features super detailed Gundam figures approx. 55mm or 2.2” tall with a unique deformed look while retaining stylish proportion. A high level of detail and a realistic finish is created with various colored and clear plastic parts.

universal unit

Universal Unit

A line of Gundam real model figure, “Universal Unit” features full articulation with stylish proportions. The figures are palm-sized 3.34” tall, and by combining the figures and equipment (included), the play value of this (just right size) model can be expanded. Made form 100% ABS plastics (rigid plastics), and meticulously molded. Comes with many accessories including connectable parts.

gundam g frame

Mobil Suit Gundam G Frame

High detailed articulated Gundam figure completes by attaching armors to the frame. So many different poses are possible by achieving a wide range of motion from the frame mechanism. The figures are approx. 4.5-inchs-tall. Set also includes hanger parts for armor than can be displayed separately.

micro wars

Mobile Suite Gundam Micro Wars

Approx. 1.5-inches-tall, highly detailed 9 articulation points pilot figure is compatible with MS figure, which has the hatch open gimmick. This diminutive pilot can be placed inside the cockpit. The more you collect, you can create your very own Gundam World.

Kingdom Hearts

Sailor Moon Series

Mega Man Series

kingdom hearts keyblades

Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Collection

Luxurious charms are released from Kingdom Heats featuring iconic Keyblades from the KH series. Keblades are color plated over die cast metal, with solid weight and a jewelry-like feel. Each are approx. 2-inches and come with a ball chain.

sailor moon twinkle dolly

Twinkle Dolly Sailor Moon

New deformed figure series is approx.. 1.75” tall and includes a keychain. The deformed figures faithfully portray their cuteness, and the transformation item parts are painted with superior metallic and pearl colors. Collect the series to complete all the Sailor guardians.

sailor moon little charm

Little Charm Sailor Moon

This cute, but gorgeous miniature sized collectible charm series is approx.. 2-inches including the gold ball chain. Gorgeous specification with gold glitter painting provides a luxurious feel

mega man 66 action

66 Action Dash Mega Man

Mega Man known as Rockman in Japan, s a video game franchise created by Capcom joins the lineup of 66 Action figure series, 66mm = approx. 2.6” tall. This series combines mobility and high-quality molding to create a stylized action figure. With a wide range of motion and changeable hand parts, you can enjoy dynamic action posing.

super mini pla

Super Minipla

Super Minipla is a plastic model kit brand from Shokugan. The full-fledged model kit series is for adults applying “Modeling Skill”, “Articulation Mechanism” and “Assembling Technique”.

Ride Armor is compatible with the 66 ACTION DASH 

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